Type 95 Light Tank Ha-Go, Dragon 6767 Build Review
I managed to get my hands on a Dragon 1:35 scale model, courtesy of Orchard Store.   This is my first Dragon kit.  My past builds were mainly Tamiya and more recently, the Bandai Star Wars vehicles.   With this, I could make some comparisons between them.

I'll break this down into:

  • Box
  • Instructions
  • Parts
  • Build Quality
  • Decals
  • Building this Model.


The box cover is typical of model kits, but what is nice is the back of the box that shows the various parts.  This gives a good idea what is inside the box.  It also shows the options you have when building, such as the ability to have opened or closed hatches.

Picture illustrations allows you to have a good idea how much patience or effort you need to build this kit. I think this is a good thing to have on the box.



The instructions sheet is multilingual and clear enough to follow without having to read the words. 

Symbols and illustrations are sufficient.

However, one of the problems I faced is the painting guide.  It shows images for the front, back and left sides of the model, but totally omitted the right side.   This means that the camouflage patterns on the right side has to be left to your own imagination.


As shown in the photo, there aren't many parts for this kit.  Bottom hull is one piece and the top hull made up of about 4 pieces.

This kit provides many different optional parts, offering choices for more detailing or less if you choose.   For example, you can choose a hatch door that has separate parts for the latch, or you can choose the other part that already has the latch molded on.

Other option parts provides for open / close positions.

The tracks are one piece rubber which you need to use CA to join.   What I discovered though, is that the joining point isn't a direct fit.  A bit of work needs to be done there do get it joined neatly.

A set of metal etched parts comes with this kit.  This adds good detailing.  The metals parts are for meshed covers and even the gears on the road wheels.

All in all, this will give you several hours of build time.   I took about 5 evenings in all to complete this model.

Build Quality

Quality of model kits today are all top notch.  Dragon is no different.

Parts are moulded accurately, and have no flesh attached to it.

What I noticed though, compared to other brands, is that the stems are very thick.  This makes it quite difficult to detach and file down the stems.

In additional, each part usually have extra stems that needs to be cut away.  This makes it quite tedious for the build.


There's not a lot of decals for this kit.  But it does give you a choice of 4 different units.

Building this model

Overall, this model is an easy build.  Not overly lots of parts, and due to the excellent quality of the parts, they fit very well without warping or gaps.

Detailing is also excellent and if you want to build the model with the hatches open,  the turret loading and trigger mechanism is nicely represented, and can be seen with the top hatch opened.

The photos on the right will give you a good idea how this kit gets put together.

Visit Orchard Store now at Orchard Plaza #04-39 to check out their wide range of model kits and die cast models.  There are even many 'vintage' gems that you will find.

Colin Nah
12 Oct 2016


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