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2 Feb 2016

A series detailling all aspects of modern defense forces, including land, air and sea services. Each title contains 60-64 pages with 100-220 photos (4-8 pages of color).

This series of books are expanded versions of the Firepower Pictorials. More in depth coverage of the subject with 88 pages and 200-350 photos (8-16 color pages).

This series offers an in-depth study of a specific armed force or conflict. Each book contains 20 highly detailed full-color artwork by world class artist depicting interacting figures on a realistic backdrop. The books provide modelers, historians, collectors, re-enactors and wargamers with an endless source of inspiration and information.

This series deals with a specific armored force or conflict of the 20th century, accompanied by combat photos and full-color artwork by the world's top artist depicting the warriors in combat uniform, equipment and weapons.

This photo book series examines famous armored vehicles of the 20th century warfare with a combination of excellent combat photos and color profiles. Each book contains 72 pages, 155+ photos, and 16 color profiles
SPECIAL OPS ( Journal 1 to 43 )Journal of the Elite Forces & Swat Units

A journal brings you the world's premier combat and law enforcement units and the missions they train to execute, and the jobs they encounter on a daily basis. Each volume has 64 full color pages, 6-7 articles, 180+ action photos. Lots of text.

This mini series deals with a specific armor type and its variants in each title. Each book comes with 100+ full color action photos, four color profiles showing camouflage and markings, and 4-view scale line drawings
ASSAULT SERIES (Journal 1 to 20 ) Journal of Armoured & Heliborne Warfare

Concord Publications' Journal of Armored Assault & Heliborne Warfare showcases various aspects of modern mobile warfare. Each 40+ page issue features at least three separate articles complete with narrative text, full color photos of equipment and troops in the field, detail shots and a full color 1/35th scale illustration.

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